The new Australian Ute configurator is online so that you can see what your 'El Cam' might look like.

Build your new El Cam

We may not be the first to test drive the new El Camino in Pontiac guise, but we can bring you the new Australian configurator so that you can at least see what your 'El Cam' might look like. To be precise, this is the HSV Maloo R8 configurator, but it is based on the same Holden VE Ute as the Pontiac G8 Sport Truck.

Jalops please leave a comment with your favorite color, I'm going to have to go with Batman Kpow Purple with all options enabled. You can switch between studio and a nice nighttime scenery and see the car from all angles.

Link: HSV configurator (pick Maloo R8)

Gallery: Holden HSV Ute Configurator