Concept features technology called Automated Valet Parking that allows the PIVO 3 to park itself.

Nissan has unveiled the PIVO 3 Concept at the Tokyo Motor Show, the latest of the Japanese automaker's EV concept vehicles.

The PIVO 3 is what Nissan claims to be a more "realistic" EV but some of the technology featured in the concept seems a long way from production-model functionality.

The PIVO 3 measures just under 3,000 mm in length and seats three in a 1+2 layout. The concept runs on electricity and features by-wire controls for less mechanics and a more spacious cabin.

One of those innovative technologies is the Automated Valet Parking (AVP) which can park the PIVO 3 automatically in specially-equipped parking lots. The car can also recharge itself while it waits for its driver to return or feed excess power back into the grid. The car can then be called via a smartphone whereupon it returns to pick up the driver.

Cabin technology of the PIVO 3 includes the Robotic Agent, a computerized personal assistant to the driver, and the interior finish is in leather and a silver-hued trim with a Snow White and EV Blue color scheme.

Nissan hints PIVO 3 Concept production as 'realistic' [video]