The first prototype for BMW's all-new X3 has broken cover, and we have snagged our first full set of photos on the streets of Munich.


It has been long in the rumour mill, but we have finally managed to snag us some pictures of the all new BMW X3 prototype on the streets of Munich. The previous generation underwent a facelift half-way 2006 and is reaching the end of its life-cycle.

Of course the prototype is heavily draped in camouflage and hard plastic covers but there really is no mistaking what it is. The BMW X3 appears to have some of the BMW X6's smooth flow from the A- to C-pillars but without sacrificing headroom of cargo space. Our spyphotographer thinks a little more of 'sportwagon' has made its way into the design language.

It is reported that the new X3 is based on the 3-series platform, but it has been widened and lenghtened to add more functionality to the shape.

First Images of All New BMW X3 Prototype