Ferrari are considering V8 power for the new Enzo over the conventional supercar V12 powertrain, with optimum power-to-weight ratio being preferred over essentially redundant 'power wars'.

Ferrari are weighing up their options for the next Enzo, the distribution of weight and power being their prime consideration. Under consideration for the new Enzo, destined to hit the market by 2012, is the ditching of the present-generation's V12 power in favour of a new twin turbo V8 unit.

Although a radical departure from commonplace supercar powertrains, Ferrari technical director Robert Fedeli explained today to AutoWeek that optimum power-to-weight ratio is preferred over essentially redundant 'power wars'. However, both V12 and V8 options are being developed side by side until a firm decision is made. Neither engine has been allocated an internal code number.

The development of a new V8 unit is in the mindset of Ferrari more than it is an engineering neccessity. "It is not just a question of power," says Fedeli. "We have to choose whether we maintain the shape of the weight-to-power curve of the Enzo with more power or with less weight," Fedeli said.

"If we do a [2200-pound] car with the same weight-to-power ratio as the FXX, then you want to save the maximum weight. The best packaging for that kind of car is an eight-cylinder turbo. That would have to be an all-new V8."

A solution can be chosen within the coming few years prior to the start of development on the next Enzo, with the FXX model allowing the team to test a number of innovations which may feature on the new-generation supercar.

Ferrari Considering V8 for Next Enzo?