North American edition of the Volkswagen Passat won't get an Alltrack variant - the new Alltrack is based on the euro-spec Passat model only.

Volkswagen's just introduced Passat Alltrack won't be making it to North America.

The news is not surprising given that the Passat Alltrack is based on the euro-spec Passat and not the new North American one which is a different and larger model. Volkswagen would have to create a separate Alltrack variant for that North American edition.

Now Volkswagen has said as much.

"Because it's based on the European Passat, we have no plans to sell it here," VW of America spokesman Mark Gillies told Inside Line.

The Volkswagen Passat Alltrack is an off-road capable variant of the European Passat that comes with a raised ride-height and 4Motion all-wheel drive with the more powerful engine offerings.

The model will debut at the Tokyo Motor Show on November 30 and goes on sale in Europe in early 2012.

No U.S. edition for Volkswagen Passat Alltrack