Nissan North America’s advanced minivan design study, the Nissan FORUM Concept, offers an array of innovative family communications systems

Advanced minivan

Nissan will be showing a brand new 'advanced' minivan concept at Detroit's North American International Auto Show called the FORUM.

Back in October Nissan decided to release an early exterior sketch of this new B-pillar-less minivan with trackless sliding doors. The concept has been designed and created by Nissan Design America, based in California and Michigan.

The interior will host an array of innovative family communications systems, which is made up of a Bose Media System with proximity sensor-based information controller (daddy's toy), a one-button audio muting system (mom's escape button), 2nd and 3rd row monitoring cameras (parental Big Brother-ish control unit) and individual seat-mounted speakers for every row (finally something for the kids).

Stay tuned for live shots and comments from Detroit in January.

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