The details are a little convoluted, but the RaptorGTR is apparently a modified MT900S built by Supercar Engineering Inc.

According to a recent report, the RaptorGTR isn't an official Mosler vehicle.

The details are a little convoluted, but the car is apparently a modified MT900S built by Supercar Engineering Inc.  The company is headed by ex-Mosler engineer J. Todd Wagner, who claims to have a distributor agreement with Mosler but that doesn't seem to be the case.

Speaking with Jalopnik, Warren Mosler said Wagner "goes around claiming he has a distributorship agreement, [but] he's a distributor of nothing because we're not producing a car." He added, Wagner is a "pest" and he wants nothing to do him.

To make matters even stranger, the current manager of Mosler is Jill Wagner - Todd Wagner's ex-wife. She explains that Mr. Wagner is "misrepresenting himself" and is likely involved with Abbey Cubey which could help to explain the music video.

Responding to the criticism, Todd Wagoner said he has a distributorship agreement with Mosler but "I'd really rather not comment on this too much..."  He also said he could understand why Mosler would be upset by the recent events.