All-electric van can be steered via joy-stick from the front passenger seat.

Volkswagen has introduced the eT! Concept - an all-electric van created as a research project into the viability of electric-only transport and logistics.

The Volkswagen eT! Concept is powered by electric wheel-hub motors that maximize space for the cabin. But the distinguishing design feature of the eT! Concept is the passenger side sliding door that covers access to the front passenger seat as well. The design is meant for the convenience of delivery drivers so that they can access the curb side of the vehicle.

The van also has self-driving features that allow the driver to call the vehicle to follow him down a street during deliveries. The van has both "Follow me" and "Come to me" command functions.

There's also a joy stick on the front passenger side of the vehicle that allows it to be driven from that seat.

Volkswagen hopes the eT! Concept will become the mail and package delivery vehicle of the future.

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