Have you ever wondered which mid-sized diesel truck is the quickest in the quarter-mile? You’re in luck because Carwow brought together five of them to answer that question. In this video, a Mercedes-Benz X-Class lines up against a Ford Ranger, Mitsubishi L200, Volkswagen Amarok, and a Toyota Hilux. All of the diesel pickups are equipped with 2.2-liter or 2.4-liter turbocharged engines minus the Amarok which has a 3.0-liter turbocharged V6 engine.

Once all five pickups were lined up and the flagged was dropped, they all took off for the quarter-mile race at full throttle. Not to anyone’s surprise, the Amarok gets off to the best start and speeds away from the pack taking first place without breaking a sweat. The Amarok crossed the line with a quarter-mile time of 16.5 seconds. The second place X-Class crossed the line in 18.5 seconds with the L200 clocking 18.7 seconds in third.  Fourth place was the Ranger at 19.2 seconds, and in last place was the Hilux which took an abysmal 19.6 seconds to cross the line.

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Next up, the trucks all lined up again, but this time in a rolling race at 50 mph. As expected the Amarok left the rest for dead straight away to take the win. Being the lightest truck of the group, the L200 took second place. The X-Class took third and the Hilux came in fourth. In last place came the Ranger having the least torque at 284 lb-ft (365 Nm).

Lastly, the trucks take part in a braking test from 70 mph to zero. Once reaching the marker cone, all the trucks do an emergency stop. The truck that stops in the shortest distance is the winner. Whether it made its stop slightly before the others, the Amarok stopped in the shortest distance. The X-Class comes in 2nd place with the Ranger in 3rd. Surprisingly, the L200 came in 4th while being the lightest. The Hilux rounds off the bunch in last place. There you have it folks, the Amarok is your diesel pickup champion.


Source: Carwow via YouTube

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