U.S. enthusiasts get to keep the manual transmission option while Europe will be strictly DSG.

Audi will be dropping manual gearboxes in the S4 and S5 range in Europe, according to a report by Fourtitude.com.

The report states that Audi will keep offering a six-speed manual for the 2012 Audi S4 and S5 models in the United States but that the European editions will only be offered with the seven-speed S-tronic (DSG) gearbox. The report doesn't specify when the manual option expires but did state that the six-speed gearbox is no longer available in some online configurators for Europe.

Audi of America's product planning manager Barry Hoch confirmed the news to Fourtitude.com in an e-mail.

"They (Europe) lose the manual. We keep the manual! 100% confirmed, although I don't know what other markets also get to keep it. I don't want to fear for my life when I leave the office. The manual transmission enthusiasts are... umm... passionate individuals. Save the Manuals!" wrote Hoch.

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