British tuner offers power boosts on Mazda's 2.3 liter DSI turbocharged engine that take output up to 350 HP.

British tuner BBR is offering new power upgrades on the Mazda3 MPS and the Mazda6 MPS models fitted with the 2.3 liter DSI engine.

Phase One of the upgrades takes output up from the standard 256 PS (188 kW / 253 hp) to 290 PS (213 kW / 287 hp) and a torque rating of 447 Nm (330 lb-ft).

For Phase Two, power is dialed up to 318 PS (234 kW / 314 hp) and 501 Nm (370 lb-ft).

Phase Three replaces the turbocharger with either a BBR one or the Garret hybrid GT28 turbo unit for a total output of more than 350 PS (257 kW / 345 hp).

BBR also offers a cat back stainless steel exhaust system as well as performance springs and adjustable dampers for the suspension.

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