European regulatory body independently confirms Fisker's claims for the Karma's range in all-electric mode.

The Fisker Karma has received a boost from the TÜV, an authoritative German testing and assessment organization that controls and certifies quality standards for industrial and consumer products.

In line with original estimates, the TÜV (Technical Inspections Organization) has confirmed Fisker's range rating of of 83 km/51.6 miles for its Karma plug-in hybrid running on electric power alone.

Last month, the U.S. EPA rated the Karma's range at 32 miles (51.5 km), which came as a bit of a blow to Fisker. Now, the California automaker has been vindicated by the European regulatory body's own independent tests.

"We are delighted that the TÜV has confirmed that most owners will achieve a 50 mile range running purely on electric during their daily commute," said Fisker Automotive CEO and co-founder Henrik Fisker.

Fisker claims that a driver with a 40-mile commute (64 km) who begins each day with a fully-charged battery would need about 9 gallons (approx. 35 liters) of gasoline a month and only fill up every 1,000 miles (1609 km).