As intended with the Beta site launch, we wanted to make sure you liked our ideas for the WCF redesign. However, you didn't waste any time letting us know how unhappy you were once it went public. Most of the displeasure was directed towards the design of the front page.

So we have responded with a new headline design which brings back the previous 8 headline layout from the classic WCF site, but now with an added feature. For an alternative look, we have added the option to view headlines as a scrolling slide show with larger images.

The slide show will play automatically, or you can manually advance to the next consecutive image by clicking the arrow buttons located just above. Not only does the slide show enhance the wow factor of arriving at WCF, but gives you a closer look at the photos before you decide to open the article.

Your preference for the headline "slide show" or "show all" view is remembered from your previous visit.

Lastly, we squeezed in one more design change. We received several complaints that videos at the top of article pages were too small. So we have made videos much larger now, so you dont have to open the video into a new page to fully enjoy.

As always we depend on your feedback to make sure we are on the right path. Please fire away in the comments below.

Gallery: WCF front page redesign relaunched