Sketch of upcoming next-generation Saab 9-3 comes from a presentation Saab made last year to the European Investment Bank.

Saab's financial roller-coaster ride may just be over and now an image of the next 9-3, due in 2013/2014, has been leaked.

This sketch of the upcoming next-generation 9-3 was unearthed by Swedish website SVD Näringsliv, from a presentation that Saab made for the European Investment Bank last year seeking funding.

The sketch shows a very different model from the current 9-3, with a much sleeker, coupe-like design as seen in the jaw dropping PhoeniX concept.

The new 9-3 is also expected to spawn fastback and convertible variants.

Saab has been sold to Chinese investors Youngman and Pang Da which should see the Swedish automaker get the operating capital it needs to resume production.

The deal is still pending approval from the Chinese government.

2014 Saab 9-3 design sketch leaked