The sedan version of VW Gol is expected to be presented at the 2008 edition of Sao Paulo Motor Show, in October.

In our previous article on the VW Gol sedan version, we have said the car would only have its final name revealed at the official presentation. Rumours for the name Voyage, in Brazil, are strong, as well as Senda and Gacel in other South American countries. Besides this mystery, the car had another one: the appearance of its rearend. Not anymore. Images of the car in front of the Brazilian president's residence, Palácio da Alvorada, in Brasília, have been taken by Marcus Vinicius Guandelini and published by the blog MotorTips.

This is the second product from the VW Gol family. Besides the hatchback and the sedan, a small pick-up truck and an SUV are also expected to appear. The station wagon version of the car, called Parati, will most certainly be replaced by the current SpaceFox. This vehicle uses the same platform employed by the new Gol and the current Polo, known as PQ24.

Although the tail lights are disguised with tape, it is easy to see they will be similar in lines with the ones used by the hatchback. The boot lid, which seems to be invaded by the tail lights, is only covered with tape to give that impression. The new VW Voyage, or Gol Sedan, if you prefer, is expected to debut in South America's biggest auto show, Sao Paulo Motor Show, in October.

VW Voyage scooped in front of Brazilian president's house