Mercedes has announced plans to introduce a new COMAND infotainment system in mid-2012. It has been specifically designed to work with the Apple iPhone.

Mercedes has released new information about the @yourCOMAND system which recently debuted in the F 125! concept.

Designed for people who are used to being connected 24/7, the system has a permanent internet connection with seamless access to "the cloud."  While it would be easy to chalk this up as buzz word marketing, the @yourCOMAND system is amazingly complex as it combines a number of unique features to make your life easier. Notable examples include remote programming the navigation / climate control system (from your smartphone) and using hand gestures to operate key functions.

The @yourCOMAND is still several years away from production, but Mercedes has announced plans to introduce a new COMAND system in mid-2012. The company says the system has been specifically designed for iPhone owners. Once a phone is connected, users will be able to download an app which sends "various information to the vehicle display" for easy access via the COMAND controller.

Non-iPhone owners won't be left out in the cold as Mercedes has also confirmed plans to support the MirrorLink standard used by Nokia, HTC and Samsung. Additionally, there will be NFC support which will make pairing phones to the infotainment system easier as it doesn't require a device search or entering a pass code. Both of these new technologies will be introduced in 2013.

Check out the press release for additional information

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