Volkswagen AG is on track to sell more than 8 million vehicles this year - surpassing both GM and Toyota to claim the top spot.

VW is going to reach its lofty goal early.

According to a report by Bloomberg, the Wolfsburg-based Volkswagen AG is on track to become the world's biggest-selling automaker this year. VW had planned on becoming the world's biggest automaker by selling 10 million units a year by 2018.

A survey of sales projections conducted by Bloomberg show that VW Group sales will likely rise by 13 percent this year with a total sales volume of 8.1 million units. For GM, the average projection was an 8 percent rise to 7.55 million, while Toyota is expected to see its sale actually fall by 9 percent in 2011 with a total sales volume of 7.27 million units. Toyota production was hampered in 2011 by the tsunami disaster that struck Japan in March of this year, slowing it sales because of a lack of deliverable vehicles.

VW is seeing tremendous growth so far this year with sales in China (the world's largest car market) rising by almost 20 percent for 2011.

Total VW Group sales (including all of its brands) have risen 16 percent so far this year (through the third quarter) to 6.2 million units.