New model will be the MCL SUV Coupe which will rival the successful BMW X6 in the marketplace.

Parent company Daimler has announced it will be expanding production at the Mercedes-Benz plant in Tuscaloosa, Alabama to include a fifth model.

The German automaker will be investing $350 million at the plant and create 400 new jobs for the additional production. The plant is where Mercedes-Benz currently builds the M-, R-, and GL-Class models (the M-Class is called the ML-Class in North America). Mercedes-Benz also has plans to produce the C-Class there starting in 2014.

According to a previous report, the fifth model is the MLC SUV coupe, based on the M-Class, which will be a new vehicle to rival the BMW X6 in the marketplace.

Daimler had already announced an investment of $2 billion to expand production in the Tuscaloosa plant earlier this year. The $350 million dollar investment for the new model is part of that expansion.

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