First Holden concept car from 42 years ago featured technologies like a rear-view camera that would only make it to production cars decades later.

Back in 1969 Holden called it the RD001 and it was the first concept car ever produced by the GM-owned Australian automaker.

Now, a group of Holden engineers and designers have restored the Holden Hurricane to its original glory.

The Holden Hurricane debuted at the 1969 Melbourne Motor Show in Australia and was powered by an experimental 4.2 liter (253 cubic-inch) V8 with 262 PS (193 kW / 258 hp). The cabin was accessed by a hydraulically-operated canopy top which opened over the front wheels.

The car also featured a host of technologies which would only make it to production cars decades later. Those included a rear-view camera and an automated route finder (called Pathfinder) which was a precursor to GPS that used magnets embedded along roadways to guide the driver.

Holden will put the restored Hurricane on display at the Motorclassica auto show this weekend (October 21-23) at the Melbourne Royal Exhibition Building.

1969 Holden Hurricane concept car restored [video]