BMW and Microsoft also holding a BMW M5 Forza Cup for the gamer with the best track time who will win a real M5.

The 2012 BMW F10 M5 is still not available for purchase but you can get the next best thing - or you can actually win a real one.

The new M5 will star as the 'hero' of the new limited edition video game Forza Motorsport 4, a Microsoft game for the Xbox 360 that goes on sale today.

The M5 also graces the cover of the video game box.

The game includes over 500 cars and 100 circuits for players to choose from. Players also get to drive with a new Kinect control system for the Xbox 360 instead of the standard controller.

But the real kicker is the BMW M5 Forza Cup - an event held in partnership between BMW and Microsoft. Contestants compete for the best track time in the M5 and the winner will get a very real spanking new 2012 F10 M5.

The 2012 BMW M5 was unveiled last June and goes on sale in December.

See the press release for entry details.

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