Dynamic Light Spot and the future laser light headlamps demonstrate evolution of lighting technology.

BMW is working on two new technologies to create the headlights of the future.

The first is called Dynamic Spot Light, a technology that can better focus the headlight beams to highlight objects encountered on the road such as pedestrians or animals at night. BMW says the technology will help avoid accidents where pedestrians are not seen in time or collisions with animals lurking on darkened roads.

The second technology BMW hopes to bring to its production cars in the next couple of years is Laser Light headlamps.

Referred to as the next step after LED technology, a laser-beam sourced headlight can produce light with an intensity a thousand times greater than current LEDs but because of their "coherence" (laser light is monochromatic, which means the light waves are all of the same length) will require about half the energy that current LED lights do.

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