Six months after first starting development, the WCF Site Redesign 2011 is now permanently public.

Six months after first starting development, the WCF Site Redesign 2011 is now permanently public.

As previously announced in the Beta Site launch Stage 1 and Stage 2, here's a breakdown of the new features and highlights:

  • enhanced comments system:
    • reply to a reply
    • posting comments are instant
    • comments on photo albums
    • thumbs up/down voting for comments. Comments which receive high amount of thumbs down votes are collapsed out of site but can be viewed again manually
    • sort all comments by oldest or newest
  • enhanced login system via WCF, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Aol or Yahoo accounts
  • left navigation bar removed for a wider cleaner look
  • new video section
  • easier navigation
  • faster loading site
  • many other functional and aesthetic details (e.g. photo/comment counters, related link thumbnails, Twitter and Google +1 share links, etc.)

In addition to the features mentioned above, we have a few more we want to give special attention:

Community points system. As one of the highlights of this redesign, we are proud to present the all-new Points Sytem. It allows WCF members to accumulate points for all of their community activities. For example, every time a member makes a comment, uploads photos or thumbs up/down a comment, an undisclosed amount of points are earned. Members with the most points are highlighted in the Top Members of the Week league table on every page. In the coming weeks as we gather more data, we will reveal the actual points levels for all members.

If you prefer not to participate in the community points system, you can opt out by visiting your WCF account Edit Profile page.

Top Stories section. Located at the top of the front page, in case you missed any breaking news, the Top Stories section showcases for longer periods of time the most popular stories by visits. This also includes posts made by community members on their WCF garage pages.

Notification system. The notification area is located at the top right corner of all pages - the same place where you login. Once logged in, notifications can be seen here. The notification system will automatically let you know when:

  • a member replies to your comment - automatic notification.
  • a user posts a comment on an article/album you have subscribed to.
  • Comment subscriptions and unsubscriptions:
    • can be subscribed and unsubscribed by clicking the large "Subscribe to comments" bar-button just above the first comment.
    • After being subscribed, the button will change to read "Unsubscribe to comments". Click this to unsubscribe.

New content category "Auto Trash". Features videos of off-beat automotive or transportation related topics of a sensational/entertaining nature. Little or no editorial commentary is included unless needed. Auto Trash content has its own headline section on the WCF main page and will not be integrated with the main news headlines. This was done in an effort to avoid alienating those readers who are not interested in this type of content and only want the main news headlines.

Despite our best efforts, we are sure there will be those who still want to use the old WCF site. So we have made the old site still accessible by going to the Home menu and clicking the Classic Site link. The floating tool bar at the bottom of all pages used for accessing the WCF Beta site has been removed. This Classic Site link will remain for the next few weeks but will eventually be removed as we decommission the old site.

We've worked hard to squash out all of the bugs and make everything work seamlessly, but we're sure some will still surface. So please send us any errors or problems you might encounter to feedback at worldcarfans dot com.

Lastly, if you like what what you see, please feel free to give us your comments below. Alternatively, we welcome clicks on the Facebook "Like" or Google "+1" buttons lurking around the top of any article page. More importantly, if you dislike WCF Redesign 2011 please make a comment below or email us at feedback at worldcarfans dot com.

WCF Site Redesign 2011 - final stage 3 launched