Next-generation Range Rover will have a sleeker-looking design, feature more legroom and a more luxurious outfitting.

The next-generation 2013 Range Rover will be getting a 'radical' new styling, according to a report by Autocar.

In the recently spy photos we've seen of the 2013 Range Rover, we've already been able to discern a little of the prototypes' shape, which is said to mimic that of the Evoque.

According to Autocar, the Mk IV Range Rover, codenamed the L405, will be made from an aluminum chassis and will aim for an ultra-luxury cabin refinement. The new model will feature a more steeply raked windshield and a sloping roofline that extends the car (by some 25 mm) and makes for more rear legroom by about 125 mm. Longer rear doors will also make for better access to the rear bench. It's sleek styling will also be reflected in the slimmer head- and taillight clusters.

Engines on offer will be similar to those available today but some reports are that a new supercharged V6 will also be part of the lineup.

Looking to reach "Bentley levels of craftsmanship and quality", according to what one source told Autocar, the model will sell for more than £100,000 in some fully-equipped guises.

The new Range Rover will also be sharing many components with the new Jaguar XJ.

See the Autocar article for more details and a speculative rendering.

2013 Range Rover details emerge - report