Footage shot from a car-mounted camera shows the result of the initial collision and captures a second one involving the Ring Taxi.

We now have some post-crash footage of the pileup that took place last week on the Nürburgring-Nordschleife.

A French driver happened to have a camera mounted on his car, filming out of the rear window.

At the 9:55 mark, we arrive at the scene of the initial crash (and get to hear the reactions of the occupants in the camera-car). The driver careful navigates through the wreckage and stops for a while - while one of the occupants remarks on how hard the other cars coming upon the scene are braking.

Then, just as he's off again, at the 10:32 mark and at the top right of the screen, we can see the Ring Taxi colliding with at least two vehicles as it barrels onto the site.

As they say in French, "Aye-ya-yai!"