Nissan used be called Datsun and the Japanese automaker may revive the brand as a sibling to Renault's Dacia marque.

Nissan may be reviving the Datsun badge for a new budget brand which will sell vehicles in emerging markets. Given that Renault-Nissan share much of their technology and platforms, a new Datsun brand may become a sibling to Renault's own budget-brand Dacia.

Nissan has been considering reviving the Datsun marque for some time. Back in 2008, the Japanese automaker released the Datsun XLink SUV coupe as a trial balloon. Datsun was the name under which Nissan operated until adopting its current name back in the 1980s.

Said a Nissan spokesperson to Auto Express:

"We are looking at various brands and the option to acquire various brands for use in the future, should we want to. We need to make sure that we own the Datsun name. If we were to use it, Datsun would most likely be a brand for large, developing markets such as Russia and China."

[Editor's Note: Photos are of the Datsun Xlink concept from 2008.]

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