Volkswagen CEO Martin Winterkorn checks out the 2012 euro-spec Honda Civic at the Frankfurt motor show.

Here's another video of VW CEO Martin Winterkorn checking out the competition on the Frankfurt floor. This time, Winterkorn kicks the tires on the 2012 euro-spec Honda Civic.

Winterkorn is right to check out the Civic (as he previously did the Hyundai i30). It competes in the European C-segment against the Golf, which is still Europe's biggest-selling model and Winterkorn wants to make sure things stay that way.

Interesting to note here is what an automotive executive looks for in a rival's vehicle. And that is build quality - watch how carefully Winterkorn checks shut lines, opens and closes the doors and measures A-pillar blind spot of the Civic. As in the last video where the VW team of execs checked out an i30 and VW design boss Klaus Bischoff commented on how the steering-wheel lever on the car was soundless and how neither VW nor BMW could match it due to costs. These are the little details these execs look for.

Another thing, watch how Winterkorn strides around with his team in tow. Is that Piech standing there? Yes, egos are the real flagships of the automotive world.