Pontiac have released pricing information for the Vibe, their upcoming crossover vehicle fusing versatility with a performance-driven nature. The 2009 model year Vibe will enter showrooms in February next year.

Pontiac have released pricing information for their upcoming crossover vehicle that fuses versatility with a sports car 'vibe'. The 2009 model year Vibe will start at $15,895 when it enters showrooms in February next year, with four-wheel drive and performance-oriented GT models starting at $19,495 and $19,895 respectively.

The Vibe is a vehicle offering stylish design and performance "without sacrificing functionality and fuel economy". As such, the new Pontiac is packed with 1,400 litres of 'everyday versatility' and fuel efficency of up to 32 miles per gallon, but styled from the outset to produce a more muscular but graceful design. Two punchier 1.8 and 2.4-litre powertrains now feature to deliver an enhanced driving style all the while upping safety specification with ABS, electronic stability control, six airbags and OnStar.

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