The project is a joint endeavor between Nissan Europe and the technical university of Lausanne.

Nissan Europe is developing a system that can drive a car by reading the driver's thoughts.

The research project is a collaboration between Nissan and the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne in Switzerland (EPFL).

The way the technology works is by having the Brain Machine Interface (BMI) system measure brain activity, monitor eye movement patterns and scanning the environment around the car (which also inlcudes input from the car's own sensors) to predict the moves of the driver.

The project is led by Professor José del R. Millán, who first developed the technology for aiding the wheelchair-bound.

Says Millán: "The idea is to blend driver and vehicle intelligence together in such a way that eliminates conflicts between them, leading to a safer motoring environment."

BMI technology is well established in the scientific community but does require high levels of concentration by the individual operating the machine.

See the video below for more on the project.

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