Fiat has fired its two main advertising agencies in the United States. Dealers have complained that the brand needs more marketing muscle.

Fiat is facing a hard time building up the newly arrived brand in the United States and the Italian automaker has just fired its two main ad agencies there.

"I don't think we have a car problem; people love the car," Olivier Francois, chief creative officer for Fiat-Chrysler brands worldwide, told Advertising Age in an interview. "I think we have an awareness problem."

Fiat recently let go of Michigan-based agency Impatto Custom Marketing, as well as its digital agency, 72andsunny based in Santa Monica, California. Fiat did not comment directly on the matter. A Chrysler spokesperson said ending the deal with 72andsunny was not related to the agency or its work for the automaker. But letting go of the two agencies at once has created a big shake-up in the Fiat brand's marketing efforts.

U.S. Fiat dealers have been clamoring for a national campaign for the brand. Fiat has made just two national commercials so far, including this one and another featuring Jennifer Lopez. Dealers have also complained that Fiat has been slow to move on the sales and marketing front in the United States and that the brand needs more marketing muscle.

Francois says the automaker is now looking for a new agency.

Fiat sold 11,088 units of its only model, the 500, in United States from March through to the end of August, coming in well below its target of selling 40,000 units for the first six months.