In the midst of the world's press corp at the recent Frankfurt Motor Show, VW CEO Martin Winterkorn strolled over to the Hyundai stand to check out the i30, a competitor for the top selling Volkswagen Golf.

Almost as a sign of validation that Hyundai has come of age, or even better yet, is a worthy competitor of VW, Winterkorn along with his entourage look over the i30 with a fair amount of scrutiny.

In the beginning of the video Winterkorn whips out a magnetic tool used in measuring the thickness of paint used on the liftgate. He then proceeds to walk around the i30 grazing his knuckles across the hood-to-bumper shut lines to check for evenness. Once seated in the driver's seat, the mood gets serious as Winterkorn investigates further. He calls out for VW design boss Klaus Bischoff.

"The lever for the steering wheel release makes no sound while moving. BMW can't do it, we can't do it, why can they?!" Bischoff replies, "We had a solution for that but it was too expensive to produce."

Winterkorn continues, "You can't see the wipers."

"Full equipment but there is no auto dimming rear view mirror."

Then a tape measure is brought out, as Winterkorn is apparently measuring A-Pillar blind spot from the drivers view.

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