With the resulting combined research and performance enhancing technology Potenza promises a range of vehicles which will provide the ultimate driving experience

Joining Westfield

Potenza Sports Cars might not be the most well known name in the British (kit)car industry, but they are the proud owners of Westfield Cars since 2006, and have today stated that they have bought GTM Cars. Two companies with plenty of history (65 years between them) and a niche, yet hard-core following. Potenza is aiming to bring this niche market to a bigger, worldwide stage if we can believe the press release.

In both cases, the current owners stay in charge of  their respective companies while taking up board member positions with Potenza Sports Cars. David Keene of GTM Cars said: “The investment in GTM will allow us to build on the company’s superb reputation, developing the existing product range and realizing new products based on the Ballista GT and 40TR concept cars. These models will share the technology being built into the Westfield XTR4 and the Euro IV compliant SE range.”

Frank Turner, Chairman of Potenza Sports Cars, said: “This latest move takes us a further step along the way in establishing a portfolio of respected niche British sports car brands, dedicated to producing high performance eco friendly vehicles. The acquisition will enable us to develop a stable of high premium marques in the sportscar industry.”

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