DC100 Sport Concept is a variant on the DC100 - both of which boast ambitious off-road technologies meant for the next-generation Defender model.

Land Rover has brought this second Defender concept to the Frankfurt auto show today.

The Defender DC100 Sport Concept is a variation on the previously seen DC100 Concept. Both models are meant to preview the next-generation Defender model which Land Rover aims to bring to market in 2015.

The DC100 Sport comes with many of the same features as its sibling concept and those include the powertrains available - a 2.0 liter petrol or 2.0 liter diesel engine, both with hybrid and plug-in capabilities, coupled to an eight-speed gearbox.

The DC100 and DC100 Sport concepts also showcase a grand mix of ambitious technologies some of which Land Rover hopes to bring to the next Defender.

The Driveline Disconnect disengages the rear axle and converts the Defender to a front-wheel drive in order to save fuel.

The Terrain-i scanning system can warn the driver of an upcoming obstacle when off-road and suggest an alternate route. A companion function is the Terrain Response system which optimizes the drive mode of the Defender to accommodate the driving environment.

Another feature is the Wade Aid, a sonar technology which can measure water depth when crossing over bodies of water. There's also the driver-activated spiked tire system, deployed at the touch of a button, for improved traction.