Unique design features include the hidden handles on the rear doors and the brake light across the length of the rear hatch.

Honda has unveiled the next-generation 2012 (Euro-spec) Civic.

This Honda Civic has been designed specifically for the European market and never has Honda devoted so much effort to making the Civic a real competitor in this toughest of segments.

We can see evidence of this in the new design which aims at delivering a stylish hatch that looks like a 3-door, with the rear door having hidden handles. But the car still aims to provide the comfort and practicality demanded in this segment.

The rear on the new Civic is elevated, offering a healthy amount of trunk space, and also sports a unique design feature in the form of a brake light across the length of the hatch door.

The Civic is being offered exclusively as a five-door in Europe and Honda is promising a more refined experience, both in handling and cabin comfort, for the new C-segment competitor.

The Honda Civic goes on sale in Europe early next year.