New sport suspension system features variable, electronically-controlled damping and 3 drive modes.

Mercedes-Benz has introduced the new AMG Ride Control sport suspension - a newly available option on the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG.

The AMG Ride Control comes with variable, electronically-controlled damping which adapts the suspension to driving conditions on a continuous basis.

With the E-Select lever (embossed with the AMG emblem), drivers can choose between 3 different drive modes, Comfort, Sport and Sport Plus, which provide for increasing sporty driving dynamics. But the system always remains active and varies damping rates to conform to driving conditions and reduce body roll. 

The AMG Ride Control system is represented by a shock-absorber symbol and the AMG drive unit display.

The AMG Ride Control sport suspension with adaptive damping is available at a price of €2320.50 in Germany.

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