Auction is being held online at and features items such as a engine-block coffee table and a veneered chess set.

Bentley has created a series of handcrafted items which it has taken to an online auction to raise money for a charity.

Craftsmen and women working in Bentley's Tooling, Woodshop and Styling departments have created this series of items, which includes a table sitting atop an engine block as well as a veneered chess set, to be sold for the Prince's Trust - a charity that helps troubled youths find job training and employment.

Says Michael Straughan, Bentley's Member of the Board for Manufacturing:

"The design brief for the auction was to create a unique and desirable item based upon the core materials, parts and processes that are used to build cars such as the Mulsanne and the Continental GT.
The results are exquisite and the auction is a rare opportunity for Bentley lovers to own a one-off handcrafted piece of Bentley memorabilia."

The auction, begun on September 1st, is currently being held online at

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