Video shot in China shows a small girl driving without any adult help on a large boulevard and at pretty high speeds

Here's yet another video for the 'don't try this at home' category.

Apparently, this video shows a 4 year-old girl driving on a large boulevard in China without any adult assistance and at pretty high speeds. 

At the end of the video we see a man emerge from the rear seat and remove some gear from the pedals, which we take to be what allowed the girl to work the throttle and brakes. We assume that is the father with the mother doing the filming.

The video was posted to YouTube and got some attention in China with people chiding the parents for committing such a dangerous stunt.

We will spare you the self-righteous moral outrage ourselves simply because we find this so darn cute. Very dangerous, yes, but the way the kid was so cheerily and casually driving like it was the most normal thing for her to do...that was cute.