Professional Driver magazine makes the 730d L its Car of the Year while the model also wins as the preferred choice of chauffeurs.

The BMW 730d L (extended-wheelbase) is the car of choice for chauffeurs.

The model has just won the Professional Driver Car of the Year Award for 2011 (from Professional Driver magazine) and also came away with the Chauffeur Car of the Year honor too.

The BMW 730d L had already won the Professional Driver's car of the year award back in 2009. The 730d L comes with a 3.0 liter straight-six turbocharged diesel engine developing 245 PS (180 kW / 241 bhp).

Said Professional Driver editor, Mark Bursa, who chaired the panel of judges who decided on the award:

"The BMW 730Ld offers an exceptional mix of comfort, rear-seat luxury and driveability...And crucially, it's part of a beefed-up manufacturer-backed chauffeur programme that makes it much more affordable for chauffeurs on a lease basis than either the Jaguar XJL or the Mercedes S-class."

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