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If you are not familiar with the process of buying a supercar/hypercar, here’s what you need to know in brief. You don’t just go to the showroom, point at a certain car, give the seller your money, and drive away behind the wheel of your dream vehicle. Instead, you should go through a super complicated process of approving.

If you are lucky enough and get the green light, then you give them the money and start waiting patiently for your delivery. Why is all that needed? Simply put, because supercar brands want to stop customers from making a profit by selling cars to those that missed out on an allocation.

Now that you know all of that, you will probably be as much surprised as we were to learn someone is already selling so-called build slots for two quite exclusive vehicles. We are talking about the McLaren Speedtail and the McLaren Senna GTR, which are not even on the assembly lines yet.

Knight International, an exotic car dealer with offices in Europe and Asia, is offering build slots for both cars. The Senna GTR, one of just 75 to be built, will cost you $1.64 million, of which $1.45 million are the money McLaren wants for the car. Doing the simple math shows the dealer wants about $200,000 premium over that price just to give you the privilege to buy the car, which will be delivered in 2019. By the way, it's a car that doesn't actually exist yet, but it's officially sold out.

As for the Speedtail, it’s almost equally exclusive with just 106 cars planned for production. The dealer says the transfer of ownership is legal, but we are wondering whether McLaren will be happy with such a deal. Knight International is not listing a price for the Speedtail build slot, but the automaker’s own price of the hypercar is no less than $2.25 million. We bet the dealer will be asking at least $2.5 million.

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