Only 10 units of the limited edition will be made to be sold in China with a unique interior designed by Linley.

Bentley has announced a new limited edition series for China.

The Continental Flying Spur by British design house Linley will feature a production of just 10 units with a very special interior finish.

Linley veneers in Santo rosewood will be used to trim the cabin and will cover all the wood surfaces inside the car - replacing the usual Bentley chestnut or walnut applications.

The Linley Helix motif will also be used, as from the design house's furniture collection, made up of four different materials which are contrasted against the Santos rosewood for the rest of the finish.

Stainless steel tread-plates will also adorn the cabin as well as a rhodium-plated plaque that reads 'Linley' on the glove box.

Linley-branded handbag, luggage tag and cashmere blanket are also part of this limited edition.

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