New electric concept by Smart feature new energy-saving technologies in the construction of the car and its cabin.

Developed together with industrial giant BASF, this Smart Forvision concept features some impressive new technology.

For the first time we see the use of sophisticated plastics used on the wheel of a volume car. The lightweight plastic is highly durable and stable and helps reduced weight on each wheel by 3 kg.

Other technologies include the seats with a unique, lightweight foam and a specifically-designed heating system that comforts the driver and passenger while still maximizing use of energy. A film is also applied to the windows to help cool the cabin while other technologies manage to keep the car at a comfortable temperature while saving energy.

Smart didn't provide any power-train details on this concept, which is mainly meant to show-off those new construction and cabin technologies rather than present a real road-going prospect.

See the press release below for more details.