Porsche boss says brand needs a supercar model in the €250,000 and €400,000 range.

Another report has emerged confirming that Porsche is developing a new supercar, above the 911 GT2 RS, to compete against the likes of the Ferrari 458 Italia and the McLaren MP4-12C.

The new car would be larger than the current 911 but would be priced between the range-topping 911 variant and the 918 Spyder.

"It always irritated me that the (most expensive) 911 tops out at €250,000 ($360,000) and then the 918 continues starting at €750,000," said Porsche CEO Matthias Mueller in an interview with a German newspaper. "In between, Ferrari moseys around relatively comfortably and without any competition. That is where we need to be. There is still space for a larger sports car, one like the 959 that we built in the 1980s."

Muller said the future model would be priced between €250,000 and €400,000.

Muller did not relate any details on what such a model would look like but it will surely be larger than the 911 to compete with supercars such as the aforementioned McLaren and Ferrari models.

We have previously reported (back in July) how Porsche's sales boss, Bernhard Maier, said much the same thing.

[Note: Photo is of the 918 RSR Coupe.]