Latest video on the upcoming next-generation Civic shows how engineers have worked to refine the cabin experience of the car.

Honda is promising a 'refined', quieter and more relaxing European Civic.

The 2012 euro-spec Civic is due for an unveiling at the Frankfurt motor show next month but Honda is taking pains to tease and promote the new Civic in Europe as much as possible.

In an earlier video, Honda promised an improved ride and handling on the new Civic, to compete with the litany of nimble European hatches. This latest video promotes a more refined cabin experience with less road noise on the next-generation model.

Says Kazuo Sunaoshi, Development Leader for Chassis:

"We did not improve the noise and refinement of the new Civic through just one technique. It was the accumulation of lots of little details. My big challenge was to match the noise and vibration levels of our European competitors. I am proud to say that we have achieved our goals."