High-demand in Europe and a poor euro-dollar exchange rate still keeping the X1 far from U.S. shores.

BMW keeps postponing a date for the U.S.-market entry of the X1 - this time it says "indefinitely".

The reason the X1 is having a hard time getting across the Atlantic is that it has become a victim of its own success. The BMW X1 is one of Europe's top-selling SUVs, which puts constraints on production and supply.

Also, it's a compact SUV with smaller margins for an automaker than larger-sized vehicles and with a continuously poor euro-dollar exchange rate (still holding steady at above 1.40 US for a euro despite the crisis in the EU's monitary union) it makes sense for BMW to postpone a U.S-market entry. The model might sell well, but BMW could find itself losing money on it anyway.

BMW might bring the X1 stateside with the major facelift expected on the model in 2012/2013 but only with a couple of top-of-the-range variants.

For now, though, American X1 fans will just have to wait.

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