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There’s no denying the new 2019 Audi A6 is a technological marvel on wheels. Depending on the selected trim level and added optional features, the premium sedan can be equipped with anything from matrix LED headlights, to a 10.1-inch infotainment screen, full-color head-up display, Bang & Olufsen 19-speaker audio system, and much, much more. As standard, the vehicle comes with pedestrian detection and automatic emergency braking.

Considering what a masterpiece the car is, it’s natural that Audi wants to show it to as many people as possible. However, the German brand didn’t take the traditional route of test drives, but instead tried something a bit different. And it worked great.

Audi invited “unsuspecting” Amazon Go shoppers to experience the new A6 and to “trade their time for a test drive.” In return, the automaker promised the participants to give them more than they “ever expected.” More than 100 drivers responded to Audi’s invitation and took part in a “test drive to the unknown.”

And that’s where the fun part started. Each driver was taken on a 30-minute route, which lead him to an unknown place and activity. A private symphony concert, a painting workshop, or an “epic” public photo session – these were just a few of the surprises. Drivers were then asked whether they would like to continue their trip to the unknown and most of them happily said yes. They were then taken on a longer, three-hour drive.

2019 Audi A6
2019 Audi A6

For one of the test drivers, willing to drop all his duties and spend more time with the A6, the experience went international. But where to? We won’t spoil it for you as this is basically the coolest part from Audi’s new promotional campaign for the A6. Test drives don’t seem that boring now, right?

Source: Audi USA on YouTube

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