Japanese automaker says its inventory is 'back' while those of its competitors are still lagging in the aftermath of the quake/tsunami disaster that struck the country last March.


Guess there isn't much solidarity amongst Japanese automakers in the wake of the earthquake and tsunami disaster that struck the country last March and crippled its automotive production - at least not on Nissan's part.

Nissan is now running an ad in the United States boasting of its healthy inventory while claiming that its competitors' supplies of vehicles are still lagging behind.

Of course, they don't mention any other brands by name in the ad but one shot does show a frustrated-looking sales man at what is easily identifiable as a Honda dealership.

And the boasting continues from Nissan USA's vice-president for sales and marketing, Al Castignetti.

"I'm sitting here with 160,000 vehicles in dealer inventory -- a 54-day supply," Castignetti told Automotive News. "Last year at this time, I had a 46-day supply.

"Honda and Toyota are talking about coming back. We don't have to wait till October or November. We're back now."

Castignetti did say he was frustrated with the perception in the market place that all Japanese brands are low on supply of vehicles.

But we still consider this a below-the-belt shot by Nissan at its fellow Japanese competitors.

Not very honorable.