Call this one The Big Tease.

A new luxury brand out of Britain has teased its Frankfurt debut with this single sketch, which looks like a musclar, luxury SUV/crossover coupe.

And all the press release says is:

"A new luxury car brand is coming. A different kind of luxury car brand. A luxury car brand from London. Eterniti Motors."

Autocar reports that the SUV/crossover is based on the chassis of an existing model and will use elements from other vehicles. The vehicle is meant to be a rival to the Aston Martin Lagona and will be priced at around £150,000.

According to Autocar, Eterniti Motors says it will be producing "bespoke high-level luxury vehicles with high quality, hand-crafted interiors." The report says the brand plans to produce a supercar in the future too.

Eternity Motors spokesman, Mark Carbery, told WCF that "more information will be available in about 10 days," and that we should we should be able to see the debut vehicle from the sketch published here at the Frankfurt show.

Carbery also says that Eterniti Motors is a completely independent car company established by an "international group of investors." The new brand is staffed by experienced managers and engineers from the automotive world including Formula One and touring car veterans.

We'll know more soon, promises Carbery.

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