Responding to customer requests for a cabin with more natural light and celebrating its 45th anniversary this year, the Ford Mustang now comes with a third roof option - a factory-fitted new glass roof. Marketed as the $1,995 alternative to upgrading coupe to convertible, the brighter American muscle car will be available from summer next year - Ford attributing rapid growth in sunroof demand to the longer daily commutes of consumers.

The new roof is made of tinted privacy glass which is specially designed to protect cabin materials from the discoloration solar light can cause. And for light intensity control, a manual roller blind is built in. Noise reduction is aided by a layer of vinyl, while the glass will shatter safely without any jagged edges.

Ford are keen to stress their commitment to keeping consumers happy, refreshing the Mustang for the new model year. Research conducted by JD Power found that nearly two thirds of buyers interested in the sports car segment want a sunroof or moonroof on their next car, making the Mustang's new panoramic glass roof a key addition.

With over 9 million units sold since its 1964 introduction and 417,000 sold in its first year, the Mustang will enter the 2009 model year and its 45th year in production proudly. The glass roof option will be joined by two further models from early next year, these being the 315 hp Mustang Bullitt and the special edition Shelby GT500KR, estimated to pump out 540 hp from a 5.4-litre supercharged V8 engine.

Ford Mustang Gets New Factory-Fitted Glass Roof