Rappers destroy a Maybach just for the hell of it in a video for the song Otis - a tribute to Otis Redding.

Rappers like flashy, expensive cars and sometimes they even enjoy showing those pricey items off in an neverending effort to prove their wealth. But for tier 1 rappers Kanye West and Jay-Z, that kind of poseur activity is a bit contrived.

So, in an effort to be shocking and stay controversial Kanye and Jay-Z take a torch and sawzall wielding team of body men to this $300,000 Maybach for their latest music video "Otis", a tribute to Otis Redding.

The result is this flame spewing abomination suited for a post-apocalyptic action film such as Mad Max. Even better, try to picture a high society debutante turned into a heroine addict.

On second thought, this car is actually pretty cool!