It's safe to say you won’t see a 2018 Ford Mustang like this anywhere else in the world. It’s the product of Fabrizio De Tommaso, an extremely talented artist who comic book aficionados might recognize for his connection to the Italian series Dylan Dog. He recently turned his creative eye to this 2018 Mustang with “irrepairable internal damage,” unleashing several cans of spray paint to create an all-new Pony Car ready to fight the darkness. We know this because it literally says as much on the car, and also, there’s a bald dude on the hood who looks seriously ready to throw down. Or he might be constipated, which could be a fight against darkness in a very different context. But we digress.

Let’s get one thing very clear. This car is freaking cool. We can’t spray paint a rusty red wagon without making a complete mess of things, never mind blending different shades to recast this Mustang as an inspirational art car. And it is inspirational – that’s exactly the point according to De Tommaso, who said the car “has the ability to make us all feel a bit like a superhero.”  Ford’s Italian team actually suggested the idea to De Tommaso, and it came out so good that the car was displayed recently at Lucca Comics and Games, an international comic convention in Italy.

That’s all well and good, but allow a few moments to address the elephant in the room. What the hell happened to this car in the first place? We don’t have any idea what irrepairable internal damage means. Was it in a flood? Did the engine catastrophically explode? Did the interior catch on fire? For such a new car we don’t really understand the backstory on why it couldn't be repaired, nor do we understand why it's apparently a secret. Admittedly it could be a minor point but it’s one that buzzes in our brain, especially since the motif behind this creation is fighting the darkness.

In the end we suppose the how or why doesn’t really matter. Instead of going to a crusher or getting parted out, this mortally wounded Mustang lives on a piece of art. Being fans of both cars and comics, we can appreciate that.

Source: Ford

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When this Ford Mustang suffered irreparable internal damage, it looked like the end of the road. But cartoonist and illustrator Fabrizio De Tommaso had other ideas that – from the outside at least – it could become a work of art.

Called Mustang #FightTheDarkness, the reinvented car, created using spray cans, was revealed at international comic convention Lucca Comics and Games, in Italy. Ford of Italy, which proposed the idea to De Tomasso, is now looking into finding the unique car a new home, where it can be permanently displayed.

“I immediately thought of a flash of light that enveloped the car and exploded from the bonnet, into pure energy. This car has the ability to make us all feel a bit like a superhero,” said De Tommaso, who has enjoyed international success with creations including paranormal investigator Dylan Dog.

Ford recently produced its 10 millionth Mustang and has made available the Ford Mustang Bullitt that celebrates the 50thanniversary of the legendary Warner Bros. film of the same name.

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