Detroit automaker plotting a strategy for growning the Chevrolet brand in Europe.

GM wants to build Chevy models in Europe and sell 1 million a year of them there too.

GM CEO Dan Akerson admits that if the Detroit automaker is going to grow the Chevrolet brand in Europe, it is going to have to at least build a good chunk of the cars there.

Currently most Chevrolet Europe models are built in South Korea or in the United States. GM just recently started assembling the euro-spec Cruze at a facility in Russia.

"We need probably to start manufacturing Chevrolets in Europe at some point in time. That's on the strategic 'What should we do list,' " said Akerson to a group of analysts at a conference earlier this week. He went on to say that having a wholly imported vehicle lineup is "not the most efficient" way of operating the brand.

GM also wants to grow sales of the Chevrolet brand in Europe to 1 million units a year by 2016. Last year, the brand 477,000 vehicles in Europe.

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